About Scot Walton

I am a 37 year old male living in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. I currently live off disability and have for the last ten plus years. This has afforded me the time to indulge my favorite hobby (technology) to the point of it becoming a source of extra income, and hopefully in the future a way of getting off of disability.

My highest level of education is a high school degree with some very limited time spent in a community college.

This is the great thing about technology though and the advances that it's made - you only need the desire to learn nowadays, and not an exorbitant amount of money which is usually needed for a traditional college education. I have taken this concept to heart and have spent countless hours behind my computer learning to code. Up until I went on disability I mostly worked factory jobs, and never really had the time to pursue this aspect of myself.


As a matter of fact, I didn't even own my own computer until after I went on disability (2003). Even then, I only wanted to so that I could play games on it. Slowly but surely though I was drawn in.

Within a year I was already upgrading that PC with new parts. Just a short couple of years after that I was "gutting" it and installing a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM essentially making it a new PC. After that, I was hooked.

Over the years I kept upgrading parts, and even built (or renovated pre built ones) a few computers for family and friends. Now, I am the "friends and family tech guy" fixing whatever problems may be ailing their computers. I have multiple computers set up around my house for various things, along with old Android phones serving as IP cameras.

Web Design and Development

My coding and web design began a couple of years ago. I grew bored with playing video games to kill all of the free time that I have, and I always wanted to understand how computers worked on the inside (as opposed to building them, the hardware side). So I suppose it was only a matter of time before I delved into the world of programming.

I started simple, just reading a few books and tinkering with some simple HTML and CSS. Since then, I have used various tutorial sites, books, magazines, and internet articles to slowly continue my learning. The best way to sink all of that knowledge in though (as any developer or coder will tell you, and the only thing that really matters on a resume) is to actually build and create something yourself.

Within the last year I have built both this site and one other. While this one is mostly just HTML and CSS, the other uses PHP heavily as it has a heavy social apsect to it. It was quite the challenge, especially with it being my first website. I relished in it though and I was glad I got the opportunity to build something so complex.

While I plan on moving into app and software development and away from web pages, I do expect that I will create more websites in the future. Software is the next frontier for me though, and I hope to have my first Android app running within a few months from now.

If you would like more information on some of my previous computer or website projects, then my Portfolio Section will have all of the proper links and information. As always you can email me at inquiry@s1lentechoes.com.