About Echoes Tech Services

My name is Scot Walton and Echoes Tech Services is just the name I have given to the range of services that I can provide. Echoes Tech Services encompasses web design and development, computer security, computer maintenance, computer repair, computer building, and mobile device management.

I live in Kansas City, Missouri and so my range of services extends mostly to just this metropolitan area only. Obiouvsly though, the web designing and developing, as well as the software coding can extend well beyond this area.

Even though Echoes Tech Services is fairly new, I hope to grow this idea over time - especially the developer aspect. As computers continue to shrink in size allowing us to integrate them into more areas of our lives, the need for software to run these devices and even link them together will only grow. I plan on being a part of that trend, and truly find joy in being able to write the code that allows these machines to function.

Echoes Tech Services will always handle the hardware side of technology, but moving forward it will gravitate more towards the software side. Please check back often as I will continue to update this site as I learn more skills and have even more projects to show off.

If you are looking for any previous projects then my Portfolio Page has the information and links for you. If you would like to get in touch with me whether by email or social media, then my Contact Page will have the relevant information.