Website Resources and Credits

Here you can find links to any resources that I have used in the creation of this website. The internet is a wonderful resource with lots of generous people willing to offer resources and help either for free or for simply being given credit for their work. Which they rightfully deserve, and regardless of whether it was asked or not I would like give credit where credit is due.

I want to sincerely thank each and every website or person that provided these resources, and I can only hope that one day I have the talent and means to be able to give back to the community in the same manner.

Pixabay is a wonderful website that provides quality photographs and asks for nothing in return. It is a wonderful resource that I highly encourage everyone to use should they need such a service. The pictures that I used in my About Section were found on Pixabay.

Graphic Burger offers icons, UI kits, backgrounds, and many other wonderful resources for website designers. Like Pixabay above, they ask for nothing in return. Many thanks for providing the social media icons that I used in my footer that is on the bottom of every page.

Flat Icon provides high quality icons, asking only for credit in return. I used many icons from their repository in almost every page on this website. You have probably seen the credit text below every icon that was used if it came from this site.

Both Inkscape and GIMP were used by me to craft the various logos and banners that were used throughout this site. Both are free and open source software that is available to anyone to use for any purposes. I cannot thank them (and indeed every free, open source software available) enough for believing in and supporting the FOSS movement. I truly hope one day to be able to contribute to open source software projects.

Lastly, myself (Scot Walton) - the website designer and developer of this website. It hasn't been easy to learn all of this completely by myself, and especially at this late stage of my life. That is okay though, because the harder something is the more rewarding it is! It certainly would not have been possible without the vast resource that is the internet, and the wonderful community that supports it.

To all the tutorial sites and helpful books - thank you! I hope that one day I can provide help to those that aspire to take it upon themselves and learn about the wonderful world of technology and the software that powers it.

(If you are interested in viewing the layout of this website, you can view my Sitemap here.)