Computer Building Projects

I have been building computers for close to ten years now. However, desktop computer sales have been in decline due to mobile devices' increase in popularity. That is not even taking into account custom desktop computers, because even when desktops were the top sellers most people bought pre built ones from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc... So even though I have been doing this for that long, I don't have many projects to show off for all of that time.

While I have only built two computers that were entirely from scratch, I have renovated multiple computers. By renovated I mean that I took existing pre built computers and upgraded multiple parts in them. This usually meant replacing the motherboard, which also means replacing the CPU and RAM as well, at which point it basically becomes a new computer (at least according to Microsoft, but it also makes sense). Personally I still have my old HP computer that I bought back in 2004, although nothing original is left except for the case.

Instead of building a complex photo gallery on this website, I will instead refer you to my photo gallery on Facebook - Echoes Tech Services Photo Stream. It also has short descriptions for them, as well as a listing of each individual part. I only documented the two built from scratch computers, and not all of the renovated ones. Going forward I will document everything and post the pictures afterwards, as well as update this page.

If you would like to contact me regarding my computer building projects, you can email me here -