Computer Repair Projects

I have been fixing and repairing computers for over ten years now. Most of the time this encompasses repairing the software side, usually Windows errors or programs not working properly. But it also includes repairing or replacing the hardware inside of the computer.

Over the years I have become the "tech guy" for all of my friends and family so I don't necessarily get paid for doing this, but more recently it has branched out to friends of friends and such. Regardless, I love doing this type of work and the experience is well worth it.

The Software Side

This usually refers to Windows throwing errors, Windows features not working correctly, Windows failing to boot, or programs not working correctly. It can also include computers that are running slowly or someone thinking they may have a virus or malware infesting their computer.

At one time or another I have fixed all of the problems mentioned above. Believe it or not, the software side is actually a little harder (usually) to both diagnose and fix than the hardware side. Which actually makes sense when you think about it since there are many more moving parts to the software. Whereas the hardware has a lot fewer parts that can go wrong and it is usually evident which part of the hardware is having problems.

The easier part for the software side though is that, aside from Windows not booting up, it can be fixed remotely over the internet. I always install Team Viewer on people's computers so that if need be I can help them fix their problem without them having to bring their computers to me. Much more convenient - yay technology! I have fixed countless computer problems using this method and it works well.

I would say the majority of computer problems that I fix are "slow computers". I have factory reset or reinstalled Windows countless times. I have the tools for completely backing up the hard drives' contents so that nothing is lost in the process (I am also able to back up a hard drive from a dead computer if need be - but not a dead hard drive). I recommend this often as it should actually be a regular task for anyone that owns a computer.

I personally completely reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows at least once a year, if not more. Heck I have some tech friends that do this religiously every couple months. Your computer will literally run like new no matter how old it is, so it is always worth it.

Hardly ever though is the slow computer syndrome caused by viruses or malware, although most customers think it is. After performing a factory reset I always make sure to update Windows fully, install Anti Virus software, and any needed programs such as office type software.

The Hardware Side

I have fixed, repaired, replaced, or upgraded countless computer parts - power supplies, motherboards, CPUs, RAM, graphics cards, and hard drives.

I would say the most common problem is someones computer not turning on at all. Customers usually think the worst and the computer is beyond saving, but more often than not it is the power supply. This is actually a very easy and cheap problem to fix though. As I mentioned in my Services Section, all parts on a computer are modular and adhere to standard sizes so they are easy to replace. So take a computer not turning on for instance which seems like a big deal and you find out that it is just a bad power supply. A power supply can be had for as little as $10-15 and takes maybe twenty minutes to install.

Bottom line is, hardware problems are generally cheap and easy to fix. I have fixed every possible part at one time or another for a computer. The only caveat to this statement are laptops. Laptops are not as modular as desktop computers, so it is not guaranteed to be easily fixable. It may not be fixable at all, or at least not feasible to fix. This is because a laptop may require custom parts which can be expensive and make the cost of repairing not worth it when compared to purchasing a new one. Batteries, hard drives, and RAM are about the only parts that are replaceable on all laptops, with some laptops accommodating other parts.

I have not documented any of my computer repair projects as of yet, but I am going to start. If I have any then you can find them on my Facebook page - Echoes Tech Services Photo Stream. Also, if you wish to contact me regarding my computer repairs portfolio then pelase email me here -