Computer Building and Upgrading Services

Building or upgrading computers is still one of my favorite areas of working with technology. There is just something about picking each and every part (as opposed to picking a pre built computer which you buy as a whole set), and then assembling all of those parts to form a fully functioning computer.

Desktop compuer sales may be in decline but they still have no equal when it comes to pure, raw power. This is also the main reason for their decline - most people do not need so much power from their computer. Most people only like to consume content, and for those reasons their phones and tablets will satisfy that need easily. Only gamers and people who need a computer for business purposes will need the power that a desktop (or laptop in some cases) brings to the table.

Computers for Home Theater and Other Various Usages

That is not to say there is no other reason for building a computer. More recently a lot of smaller form factors have risen in popularity that revolve around computers built for home theater purposes. These are devices that are all about being small, blending in with other home theater electronics, and quiet so as not to detract from watching television, movies, etc...

There are many different form factors, and they can all vary in size from smaller than your average cable or satellite box to slightly bigger than an Xbox or Playstation. Naturally, the bigger it is the more power that you can squeeze into them, but all of them are more than capable of being an entertainment device. These can even be used to stream full PC games from your desktop computer on the same network, allowing you to use the full power of a desktop PC to render the game while still being able to play on your television set in a separate room. Expect these kinds of devices to keep rising in popularity as more and more people are looking to "cut the cord" and get rid of cable or satellite.

Devices like the Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV are great as well, but nothing except a traditional computer will give you the true freedom to explore the internet and watch whatever it is that you want. There are a few reasons for this - 1) the main being that those devices will never have the power that a traditional computer has, 2) you will be limited to that devices selection of apps available, and 3) those devices' web browsers are usually limited in functionality (there are various areas where mobile or other devices' web browsers differ from traditional PCs - flash player not being available, and websites tailored or even scaled back for those devices being the main ones with some even forcing you to install their app instead).

I personally stopped paying for cable a few years ago, and I have my desktop PC plugged directly into my TV and I couldn't be happier with this set up.

Upgrading Computers

Upgrading computers can be extremely cost efficient and holds true for laptops as well as desktops. Laptops are more limited in what can be upgraded. Usually only a few things like hard drive, and RAM can be upgraded though a few laptops might be able to accommodate a graphics card upgrade.

Desktops on the other hand, even pre-built ones, can be upgraded for each and every piece of hardware that lies inside them. This works wonders for keeping a computer updated and capable of running newer software. Most computers, as a whole, have a life of three to five years before they need to be replaced if you intend on running current software that does not take a long time to run.

For desktop computers though, instead of throwing the entire device in the trash you can upgrade a part at a time and keep it current as long as you keep upgrading parts. Even if a few years down the road you have kept your computer updated but decide that you do not like the case that it is in anymore, then you can just buy a new case and transfer everything over - and then just keep right on upgrading to your hearts content!

Bottom Line

Bottom line is, building a custom computer is the most cost efficient way to maintain an up to date computer capable of keeping pace with the newest software. And upgrading a computer, whether pre built or custom made, is a much more feasible way, financially, to keep that computer running like new.

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