Web Design Services

I have been designing websites for just over three years now, although I only have two actual projects to show for that time. Most of that time has been spent in researching and learning the craft. I would definitely say that this is not my greatest strength, as web design tends more towards the artistic side of things while the development/coding aspect is more towards the technical side (which I definitely enjoy more and so naturally I am better at it). Yet, I do know the basics and I have learned enough to hold my own, and I believe this website can attest to exactly that.

Both this website, and the one other that I have created (which you can find a link to on my Portfolio Page) were designed entirely by myself. I can design your entire website, or just individual segments as needed (logo, banners, color palette, buttons, etc...).

Even if you plan on building your own site through a website builder, do not underestimate the value of good design. There are a lot of factors that go into a good design, and a lot of research has been poured into these factors. Do you think it is a coincidence that so many of the top websites (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc...) have chosen a light blue as their brand color? Or that there is an ideal number of characters (roughly 45-65) that should be on one line for reading articles? What about the rule of thirds? Or how the eye progress along a page, and how you should place content accordingly? Font sizes, font-families, six different headings (h1-h6), links, hovered links, clicked links, visited links - the list goes on and on.

Now, I am not saying that I am the foremost expert on any of these but the fact that I know about them should say something. Some of these are more concrete and agreed upon principles than are others, but it is always best to know about them regardless.

If you plan on just having a fun, personal blog type of website then obviously these things are really not all that important. But if you plan profiting from your venture then you would be wise to at least consult with a web designer. I am also available for just a consult as well if you decide that is all you need.

As always you can email me with any questions that you may have about my services here - services@s1lentechoes.com.